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Protecting Your Wages And Benefits

For most workers, it starts with a feeling like “that doesn’t seem fair,” or “I don’t think they can ask me to work this much without overtime pay.” You don’t need to be a legal expert to have a sense that your employer is taking advantage of you.

If you feel that you’re being underpaid or taken advantage of at work, talk with attorney Do Kim. He has nearly 20 years of experience serving clients in Southern California and throughout the state in all types of employment law claims, including wage and hour violations. You deserve adequate pay and the Law Offices of Do Kim, APLC, can help you obtain the pay you deserve.

Handling Wage And Hour Claims

At the Law Offices of Do Kim, APLC, wage and hour claims are a significant part of the firm’s employment law practice area. Attorney Do Kim represents clients in wage and hour claims involving:

  • Failure to pay employees minimum wage
  • Failure to pay overtime wages for more than 40 hours worked in a week
  • Failure to provide legally mandated meal and rest breaks
  • Asking employees to perform work functions off the clock
  • Discriminatory wage practices like unequal pay because of race, sex, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs

You deserve the adequate pay and benefits protected by the law. If you have been underpaid or inadequately compensated at work, the Law Offices of Do Kim, APLC, can help.


One of the more complicated types of wage and hour claims is called misclassification. Misclassification involves the distinction between employees and independent contractors. When someone is classified as an employee, it places greater legal obligations on the employer, including hourly pay minimums, breaks, insurance and other benefits that are not required for contractors. Further, employers absorb tax obligations.

For this reason, employers are often tempted to improperly classify their employees as independent contractors. However, there are strict regulations for classifying employees and independent contractors. If you believe you have been misclassified as an independent contractor, talk with attorney Do Kim. He can help you determine whether you have a claim.

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